The calendar recently switched over to a new season here in Connecticut. Here at Mitchell Subaru, we love fall as much as anyone. But, as beautiful as the fall foliage and colors are, don't forget that the fall season also means winter is on its way.

To help you prepare for changing road conditions and the season of extra-careful driving, we here at Mitchell Subaru have put together this short list of things you can do now to prevent car trouble in the winter.

  1. Have your battery checked. As batteries age, they can die more easily and need jumpstarts more often. Add in the colder temperatures that drain batteries even faster, and you have a recipe for disaster. Have you battery checked before the cold weather sets in, and avoid being stranded this winter.
  2. Check your brakes and tires. Of all the parts on your car geared toward keeping you safe during winter driving, the brakes and the tires are some of the most essential. Be sure that both are in perfect working order now, before the snow starts flying.
  3. Have your heater and defroster inspected. When cold temperatures hit, you want your car's heater to work, and work well. Driving with the heater or defroster not working in the winter can also be dangerous, as the defroster is the key to keeping your windows fog-free.

Service at Mitchell Subaru in Canton

Worrying about whether or not your car is winter-ready is no fun. Bring it to the knowledgeable service center here at Mitchell Subaru in Canton now, to avoid future headaches. You can even book your appointment online, for a date and time that works for your busy schedule.

Then you'll be free to enjoy all the beautiful fall foliage you want, without the possibility of car repairs looming in the back of your mind.

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