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The 2018 Subaru Impreza vs Mazda3 vs Honda Civic

Often when shopping for a new car you will have two similar models in mind and to help you decide which one is best for you a little research is involved. So to help our customers find the information they want and need we have done the work for you so you can get to the most exciting part of shopping for a new car. Going for a test drive. While the Subaru Impreza, Honda Civic and Mazda3 look very similar from the outside they are wildly different in many different ways.

2018 Subaru Impreza vs The 2018 Mazda3

Body Style & Interior Space

Both the Subaru Impreza and Mazda3 have two body styles available, a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback. But only the Impreza offers a more spacious interior and more cargo space than the Mazda3. The Impreza four-door sedan passenger space is greatly most spacious than the Mazda3 sedan with 112.1 cubic feet compared to 96.3 cubic feet. The trunk space for the two sedans is the same with 12.3 cubic feet. The Impreza hatchback is also more spacious and has more cargo space. The Mazda3 hatchback has a passenger space of 96.4 cubic feet and a cargo space of 20.2. The Impreza hatchback, however, has a passenger space of 121.6 and 20.8 cubic feet of cargo space.

Efficient Power & Performance

We all spend a lot of time behind the wheel so let's enjoy the drive while getting the most out of each tank. The Mazda3 has two engines to choose from, a 155 horsepower 2.0L four-cylinder and a 2.5L four-cylinder with 184 horsepower. While the Mazda3 has more horsepower than the Impreza's 152 horsepower 2.0L BOXER engine, the Impreza is more efficient, will last longer and delivers a smoother ride. The BOXER engine design features pistons that move horizontally to cancel out each other's vibration. This horizontal design also puts less stress on the engine which is why 98% of Subarus sold in the last ten years are still on the road today. The Subaru Impreza also get 28 city and 37 highway MPG. The Mazda3 isn't as efficient with 26/35 MPG.

2018 Subaru Impreza vs 2018 Honda Civic

The 2018 Subaru Impreza

  • Performance: 2.0-liter fiat-4 (152 horsepower, 145 pounds-feet torque, 24/32 miles per gallon)
  • Feature Options: Starlink Audio System, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Rearview Camera
  • Safety: Airbags, All-Wheel Drive, Eyesight Driver Assist, Traction Control, Brake Assist
  • Base Price: $19,350

The 2018 Honda Civic

  • Performance: 2.0-liter inline-4 (158 horsepower, 138 pounds-feet torque, 28/40 miles per gallon)
  • Feature Options: Automatic Climate Control, Rearview Camera, Remote Engine Start, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  • Safety: Honda's LaneWatch, Blind-Spot Monitoring, Forward-Collision Warning, Lane-Keeping Assist, Collision Mitigation Braking System>
  • Base Price:$19,500
Looking at the two cars together, it's obvious that they both offer an excellent range of features and abilities. For our money though, the 2018 Impreza is still our top pick. While the Civic has clear advantages in terms of its powertrain options, the Impreza's standard all-wheel drive gives it a leg up. Its advanced EyeSight Driver Assist System also gives Impreza drivers a uniquely powerful safety system.

To learn more about everything the 2018 Subaru Impreza has to offer, get in touch with Mitchell Subaru. The staff at our location in Canton, CT can answer any questions you have. We'd love to show you our new Subaru inventory and give you clearer picture of everything the Impreza has to offer.

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