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Customer Testimonials

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I don't subscribe to Yelp or whatever, but here are my accolades for the service of my Subaru:

Thank you for always being at the other end of a phone call. Thank you for always treating my requests with respect and with care and never, ever making me feel as if I have asked a silly question. Thank you for looking over the car BEFORE taking it for service and encouraging me to read my manual when I don't want to! Thank you for taking the time before/after servicing the car to be sure I understand what needs to be done/was done. Thank you for our over 30 years of my coming/going to Mitchell Subaru -- you are WONDERFUL.
-- Peggy D. (via email)

I purchased a 2012 Outback from Mitchell Subaru a few weeks ago, and have been enjoying every minute in the vehicle ever since. Right from the start, our salesman Rich was friendly and attentive, without being pushy. He made the experience of shopping for a used car much more relaxed and pleasant than I ever thought possible. When I didn't find a car on my first visit, Rich kept in touch and continued to be on the lookout for an affordable one that would meet the needs of my family. A few weeks later I returned with my daughters to check out a vehicle he thought might work. After the girls hopped in and I easily fit my oldest daughter's wheelchair in the roomy cargo section, we took the car for a test drive, and that's when I knew it was the right car for us! Along the way, Rich did a great job explaining the car's many features and patiently answered all of our questions.

Once I worked out the details of my purchase in the business office on my third visit to the dealership, Rich made himself available to answer any further questions I had. He also thoroughly reviewed the function and operation of every switch/button/light, etc, to ensure I would be comfortable and confident driving the car home that afternoon. I was surprised (and grateful) when he even took the time to program the included Bluetooth device so I could have immediate hands-free cell phone use!

Overall, my car shopping experience was a very positive one. I would highly recommend anyone looking to purchase a new or used car to check out the wide selection of vehicles and friendly and knowledgeable staff at Mitchell Subaru! Thank you, Rich!
-- Karen K. (via email)

I have so many positive things to say about this dealership that I more than likely do not have ample room to do so here. I worked with a handful of other Subaru dealerships in the area prior to my purchase through Mitchell Subaru. My salesman was incredibly quick to respond to phone calls and emails. He was knowledgeable of his product, his dealership's services, and made me feel like a valued customer. I absolutely could not ask for more from him. Aside from him, Mitchell Subaru set itself apart from their competition in one other very important way: They respond to each and every online review of their dealership, across multiple review sites. I can't remember the last time I witnessed this level of customer service. When my Honda finally dies, I'll be buying my next vehicle from Mitchell Subaru (there's something about that XV Crosstrek). It should also be noted that they did not offer the lowest price in the area, though we did settle on a price that I found perfectly acceptable. My confidence in my salesman, and Mitchell as a whole, was worth traveling away from my local dealers and spending a bit more money for the same product - that really says something.
-- Jason M. (via email)

Always a pleasurable experience at Mitchell Subaru Service Department! Ogden and Vinnie and the others there are always pleasant, patient (I've been in the waiting area and have personally witnessed upset customers getting deflated and becoming a satisfied customer by the staff's patience), knowledgeable - everyone there excels in providing excellent customer service!  
I live in Torrington - a five minute walk from [another dealer] - been there, done that and will not go back there!
My first Subaru experience was in 1992 at Mitchell, I strayed in 2001 to purchase a Honda Civic - big, big mistake as I rebuilt the entire car! Finally got back to my senses, and in 2009 purchased a 2008 Outback from Mitchell, sold that car to my nephew and now own a 2014 CrossTrek - I will continue to drive Subarus and will continue my car maintenance with Mitchell - as long as Mitchell is in business I'll keep coming back.
Thank you to everyone who works there - always a pleasant experience!
-- Trish S. (via email)

"Around the holidays I thought it would be nice to say how much I truly appreciate your team. Last year I got my first Subaru Impreza, and couldn't be happier. It made driving more pleasant and I've been able to enjoy the snowfall without worrying I'd get stuck somewhere. The sales agent who helped me, I believe realized my instant love for the only 5-speed hatchback they had on the lot. Silver was my favorite color, black interior, heated seats... the list goes on. Originally his offer was much higher than I could have afforded at the time. He had told me that he could see my passion, and within the hour, the deal was made. That's what makes a Subaru a Subaru, it's the the people who want to spread their love of the drive to others. I can't thank you enough."
-- Erik B. (via email)

"I will return to Mitchell Subaru for every new car purchase I will make going forward."
-- Richard S. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey) 

"We had an excellent experience at Mitchell Subaru. We could tell this dealership was different from others (we shopped around) from our first phone call inquiring about a car. The sales person listened to what we were looking for, was very knowledgeable, and found a car that fit our budget. When we arrived at Mitchell Subaru the excellent service continued. Purchasing the car was actually an enjoyable experience."
-- John M. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey) 

"The experience I had at Mitchell Subaru was awesome. I had been to three other Subaru dealers in Connecticut, none of them had gone out of their way to help me. I had called Mitchell to ask about their inventory and spoke to Rich. Even though the dealership was getting ready to close, Rich waited for me, and stayed past closing time. He never made me feel rushed or pressured. He was so very helpful in helping me with my final decision. The dealership also went above and beyond by lending me a loaner until my car came in. I would (and have) recommend this dealership to everyone. Thank you Mitchell Subaru. Oh, and it sure has been "a Subaru Summer"! LOVE my new Subaru!"
-- Tammy W. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey) 

"Very pleasant experience. The sales consultant was excellent and the business office was the most friendly & helpful of all the dealerships I've dealt with."
-- Martin S. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey) 

"They were a pleasure to deal with and very knowledgeable! I would recommend they keep doing what they are doing."
-- Rene R. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey)

"Mitchell Subaru will be the place I will go and recommend to family and friends. They were friendly and didn't pressure me at all. They gave me a great price right up front. I went to two dealers before I went to Mitchell. [Dealer A] gave me a high price. When I went to [Dealer 2] where I bought my first Subaru from, all they cared about was beating [Dealer A] by a couple of dollars, and pressured me to lock it in that night. Thats when I went online and hooked up with Mitchell Subaru. Best thing I could have done. No games, no hassles, they beat the other two by $70 a month. Keep it up."
-- Dana S. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey)

"I just want to say that I have always been satisfied with the work done by your repair department. Recently I had to ask for a special favor as my husband could not drive for a time, and the staff was very understanding and cooperative. It was a big help in a time of stress."
-- Ann A. (via email)

"I actually enjoyed the buying process. I remarked several times on how this was the first time in my car buying experience that someone was completely truthful about pricing, and I didn't feel this pressure to put me into whatever was on the lot just to make a sale."
-- Patrick R. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey)

"I felt quite comfortable working with Mitchell Subaru, the salesman, Paul Olson, was very knowledgeable and worked with me to be sure I got exactly the car I wanted. I was very pleased."
-- Patricia R. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey)

"The service I received was nothing short of EXCELLENT. I arrived for my service appointment only to be informed the appointment I made was for the next Monday. Instead of asking me to come back the service rep told me to stay and he would work me into the rotation. Not only was I worked into the service rotation, I was given the time slot I arrived for and I was out of your service department 35 minutes later. We own two Subaru vehicles, a 2014 Forrester and a 2012 Outback. Both were purchased at your dealership. You can be assured we'll be back for the 3rd Subaru."
-- Philip C. (via email)

"Service is excellent. Everyone (sales & service) at Mitchell Subaru treats me like family. I have recommended many friends to your dealership."
-- Richard S. (via Subaru Customer Satisfaction Survey)