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Tire safety and reliability: where the rubber meets the road.

Learn about basic tire maintenance from our Hartford area Subaru service center.

Take away its tires, and your vehicle is essentially useless. Making sure your car or SUV has working tires is a critical part of your vehicle's maintenance. More importantly, making sure you have the right tires for your current driving conditions can be essential to your safety. You wouldn't want to venture out into the snow with summer tires.

When you're looking to buy new tires, switch out your old tires, or have new tires installed, Mitchell Subaru is here to help.

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What does tire maintenance involve?

You can be sure that you have sure footing to stand on when seeking tire service (and advice) at our Subaru dealership near Hartford, CT. Whether you've come into our dealership for tire rotations, flat tire repair, or to swap out all of your tires for a new seasonal set, Mitchell Subaru is the award-winning customer service Subaru dealership for you.

How can I tell that my Subaru tires need attention?

  • Check the calendar, and the odometer. After six years or 50,000 miles, you should always bring your car in for replacement tires.
  • Stick a penny into the treads of your tires, head-first. If you can still see the top of Abe Lincoln's head, change your tires now.
  • Check your tire pressure levels monthly, as tires lose pressure as you drive and as the weather changes. If your vehicle is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) as many newer Subaru models are, watch for changes in pressure. 
  • Look for bulges or bubbles in the tires, cracks in the tread grooves, or smooth rubber across the tire head, also known as "wear bars".
  • Keep an eye out for vibrations while driving your vehicle or sudden dips in tire pressure.
  • Inspect the garage floor. If your vehicle is leaking fluid, this is likely compromising the tires that are standing on it.

At our Canton Subaru dealership, it's no trouble for us to fix a flat or find the set of wheels you need. We have all the tools and training needed to get your tires replaced, rotated, rebalanced and more -- quickly and efficiently. If we see that your tires need realignment, we'll be sure to let you know, show you the condition, and can easily take care of that for you as well. Don't delay another minute -- give us a call, schedule your appointment online in a flash, or come visit our Subaru dealership in person to schedule your tire service appointment!

Don't put your vehicle at risk by putting off the attention its tires may need. Book your Subaru tire maintenance at Mitchell Subaru today!Count on our service team

Expert tire knowledge, to give you the service you need.

When you're looking to get your tires taken care of, you don't want it being handled by amateurs. Your tires are responsible for the safe handling, acceleration and deceleration of your car, and deserve expert attention. By supplying nearly every major brand of tires, from Yokohama, to BF Goodrich, to Hankook and beyond, and working in volume that allows us to provide market-best pricing combined with all manufacturer rebates, you're assured tire service that's performed by experienced technicians who will make sure you have the tools to drive safely on the roads -- all at a price that will make you feel as satisfied as you feel safe.

The right tires for the right situation.

Tires aren't universal. Depending on the car you're driving and the conditions you're driving in, your vehicle's tire needs can vary. Subaru has its own recommendations and standards for operational tires, and that goes not only for the brand, but the model. (A Subaru Outback driving on winter roads will need something different than a Subaru WRX touring the summer highways.)  When you visit Mitchell Subaru, we can look at your car and help you determine exactly what kind of tires you need.

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