Trade In Your Car at Mitchell Subaru Using Our Free Kelley Blue Book Evaluator

When selling or trading in a car to a dealership, relying on Kelley Blue Book (KBB) values is the way to go. KBB is the industry leader in providing both sellers and buyers with clear, concise and accurate evaluations, so neither party will feel like they're being shortchanged. For us here at our Canton, CT Subaru dealership, this tool helps us with our excellent trade-in process, a highly crucial part of buying or leasing a new Subaru or one of our high-quality used vehicles. This form is easy and mostly self-explanatory, and by filling it out with your trade-in's crucial information you'll be on your way toward getting a quote, scheduling an appraisal appointment and eventually applying that value toward your next ride. When you're ready, bring your trade-in from Simsbury or Avon, CT and we'll be happy to get you started.

Submit Your Trade-In Details Online With Our KBB Form

There's not a lot we need to say about this easy to use form, as you'll fill out the fields with your car's crucial information, with make, model, model year, body style, mileage, engine type and other facts being important for us to look at before offering you a quote. From there, we'll check the VIN of your potential trade-in, and eventually, if it's something we're interested in, we'll arrange an appraisal which will be conducted by our expert service techs here in Canton. After we finish our appraisal, we'll use any additional information our techs find and factor that into the KBB offer, which you can either accept or you can take your car elsewhere, with no obligation to move forward.

Discover the Extra Savings From a Trade-In

Using a trade-in to lower the price of your next new Subaru or used car you want to buy and drive around Farmington and Bristol will obviously be a huge help. But it's when you consider exactly how your trade-in reduces your next car costs that will really compel you to keep any vehicles you own in their best shape so their long-term value remains. As your trade-in's value lowers the price of your next new Subaru or used car, you'll finance at a lower figure, which means you'll spend less in interest rates. Similarly, you'll only pay sales taxes on the difference between your next car's cost and your trade-in's value, which saves you further. With savings on both interest rates and sales taxes, you're lowering the kinds of extra costs that tend to add up with any car purchase.

Use Your Trade-In For an Amazing New Subaru or Used Car in Canton

Whether you're figuring out your trade-in's value early on to help you plan your budget accordingly, or you're simply just unloading your outgoing car and taking whatever you can get for it, you'll love what we have to offer here in Canton for your next vehicle. Our new 2021 Subaru models like the Outback, Forester, Impreza, Legacy and Ascent will work wonders for daily commuting, all sorts of family driving and exciting outdoors excursions around Simsbury and Bristol and beyond. We regularly have all sorts of leasing and finance specials going on, and as you fill out the KBB trade-in form included on this page, you'll also do well applying for financing online so you'll be ready for an incredible deal. Even if a new 2021 Subaru isn't the right fit, you can always find a perfect ride in our pre-owned lineup, which will also give you an idea of the kinds of vehicles we tend to look for as you consider your trade-in's value.

Trade in your older car to Mitchell Subaru in Canton today and get started right now by completing this easy form.